Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

— OPERATION MEDUSA 3, Aegina Island, Greece.
For this amazing extreme Big Game, we thank Action Field​, the Greek Navy and Air Force, Paintball Magazine​, professionals, referees and of course our sponsors Tippmann Sports​ GI Sportz Paintball​ VForce Paintball​ Enola Gaye​, Red Bull​, Anthrax Paintball​, patch-werk​, Maxxloader​, KG-Factory​, Custom Gun Rails, Inc.​
We thank the teams and players who played side by side / opposite side with us on the field :
Going Postal Paintball​, The Brotherhood​ Paintballah Milsim Team​, Black Mamba​, BAMF Assassins​, MYRMIDONS A.P.F GR, Greek Air Force Officer’s Team, Hunting Squad​, Fire Starters BG Milsim Team

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9 thoughts on “Operation Medusa, Greece – SMILE Paintball Network”
    1. Its a Tippmann X7 phenom with a tacamo magfed conversion kit, Helix Magazines and an AK Conversion kit from rap4 😉

  1. *Hope this helps!*
    *35 second intro showing each sponsor, and a 4 minute video with screen plastered with the sponsors we’ve already seen, followed by a 25 second outro where you show each sponsor again.* *Is. Way. Too. Much.* *Also, your intro and outtro should be 10 seconds long max.* *The first part of the actual footage with the boat drop off was absolutely fantastic!* *During the boat part we don’t care what’s going on, we’re too busy looking at how cool that is! Really went downhill from there, from the 59 second mark, until the end – we have no idea what’s going on, and there’s so many jump-cuts that it would be almost impossible to tell what’s going on even if you did tell us.* *Lastly, the music loops way too many times.*

  2. αν και χρονια airsoftας κατι τετοια παντα τα θαυμαζα!!!
    Thumbs Up!!

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