Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

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This video is to help players make better choices in selecting paintball barrels and bore sizes.

Anything less than 14″ is too short
Anything over 16″ is too long
14″ or 16″ work the best

For bore size, all paintballs typically start out around .689. But as heat, moisture and humidity starts to affect the ball throughout the day, the paintballs will rapidly expand.

You want the paintball to ROLL OUT of the barrel at the start of the day. I personally prefer 14″ Barrels, and here are my personal recommendations-

14″ Barrels-

.691 Bob Long Marq 1 Piece
.692 Dye Ultralite 2 Piece
.693 CP 14″ 1 Piece Classic Barrel **
.694 Bob Long Marq 2 Piece

If you insist on using a 16″ barrel, here are my recommendations-

.691 16″ CP 2 Piece Pro Barrel
.692 16″ Dye Ultralite
.693 16″ CP 2 Piece Pro Barrel
.694 16″ Bob Long Marq 2 Piece Barrel

14″ in my opinion is the BEST length for a paintball barrel. The sooner you can get the ball out of the barrel, the better chance you have of it not breaking in the barrel. 14″ is the universal length I recommend, and the .693 14″ CP Barrel is the most universal barrel I recommend.


By Ali

25 thoughts on “Paintball Barrel Length Selection, Boring & Bore Size”
  1. I know this video is old hopefully someone can still help me out. I have an earlier gen Invert Mini. I live in Kentucky so it can get pretty humid out, it’s just very inconsistent weather. So I need a very consistent barrel. What size should I go with?

    1. +Hunter Leslie Paint size averages much much smaller now than when this video was made. You should probably go with .687-.689

  2. Do u have to have a diffrent barrel for a freak kit because I have a proto maxed rail barrel

    1. Extreme Paintball yeah just make sure the barrel is autococker threading. I currently have a Stella barrel. Pretty dope.

  3. Get a bore kit. Field paint fluctuates in size. Run about 20 balls through it. It should barely stick in the bore back. Keep re-boring your paint throughout your day of play. Keep your paint in the shade and cool and you shouldn’t have any problems, granted your eyes are working and your loader isn’t set too high. Don’t ramp your marker. Set it to 13 balls per second and be done with it. You want to be good at semi-auto????….learn how to walk the trigger.

  4. i live in the northwest(washington) and my local paint field uses G.I Sport paint. from which i can gather the paint is usually about .681-.683, I have a Lapco big shot bored at .684, and it shoots dead accurate at about 50ft, but i do get the occasional ball break. your video sheds some light o my situation

  5. Someone please respond I have a azodin kaos which is a cheap gun and hasn’t been that accurate. I live in California which has been above 70 degrees everyday, below 80, which barrel so you recommend out of the ones he put in the description

    1. I would just save up for a new gun but, buy a custom parts advantage 14 inch barrel that is threaded for a azodin kaos

    2. Also it depends what paint you are shooting. Don’t worry about humidity

  6. Question. I’m looking at the freak barrel kit for Spyder (getting it for hammer 7) and need to know if I should get the 16-inch are 14-inch barrel. I will be moving it into a bolt-action rifle… if that makes a difference. are if it just a preference? there both the same price so either one if fine with me.

    1. don’t buy a freak kit for a spyder upgrade your gun first then get a kit, you’ll never be able to sell that spyder thread freak when you decide to upgrade guns

    2. +Mike Neal All right. I will be making a sniper out of it. unless there is a better barrel for first strike only Marker.

  7. Ok so I’m relatively new to the paintball world, but I’m ready to upgrade from a stock p.e etha barrel, can anyone point me in the right direction with idk compatibility as I see there just so many choices….

  8. My most accurate barrel is a .684 Freak insert. Same gun, same day my .689 and larger barrels are not as accurate using Graffitti paint. (California)

  9. Trying to get accurecy what barrel should i get for my x7 phenom??? And what paint should i use

  10. I remember watching this video back in 2008 or 2009. We always used .689 up here in NY at the indoor field. I experimented with smaller bores and never really noticed a difference… so I just stuck with .689.

    1. @Xtian C. Some say the whole thing about boring paint really came from the autococker days when you had no ball detent..

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