Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

So maybe you are a friend wanting to go see another friend play a tournament for the first time. What do they call each bunker? Well you’re in luck!

Maybe you’re a newer player wanting to know the generic bunker names to get better in the tournament scene.

In this video I go through the generic bunker names on the field. Thanks to AirUps for allowing me use to their pictures too!

I hope this video helps you all out!

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28 thoughts on “Paintball Bunker Names”
  1. Part of a team new to X ball for 2020 season. Some players have a little understanding of scoring and format. Still trying to figure out when to forfeit a point to gain time. Can you please do a video on X Ball play and format. Pit areas and playing X ball will be new to team. Team has played in SPL in 2019 and won overall series at D5. Team has a very good chemistry with each other on field which is hard to find so soon with newly formed team. Playing World Cup D5 5man. Any information will help out tremendously! thank you very much for your awesome videos and thank you for your time!!! Watch Learn Win. Play paintball!!!

    1. Whats the name of your team, ill be chearing for you guys!! Its very competitive event so have fun enjoy the experience and you’ll be fine

    2. Oh I like that! I did a basic scoring but the towel aspect and pit preparedness is super important.

    1. Awesome !!!!! Ill be there supporting feel free to follow our team @blackopsrd. There is a spicy video today . About deadwalking to win a tournament legit ? Illegal? To good to be true? Watch and comment

    1. Oh haha! Make sure your gun skills are on point and your communication is top notch. I have drills that cover both of those if you search through the drill section.

    2. @Gump 88 I also have to recommend bringing tea with honey to tournaments to keep your back guys from going hoarse later on in the day.

  2. Also – from my recollection a zipper was technically different than a snake. A snake would zig zag back and forth (whether made out of multiple inflatables or one solid inflatable) while a zipper was a straight line of laydowns parallel to the tape/wire with bricks/pillows extending out perpendicular to the laydowns.

    *edited – I used the present tense in the first sentence. I was thinking in the past tense but has a brain fart. Thanks to HTPP, I noticed my mistake.

    1. No no I think you’re right! I remember the old snake complete with eyes and a tongue! But currently I want to say they could be interchangeable.

    2. @How To Play Paintball I agree. The primary reason I wanted to make a distinction was about 20 years ago I played a 7 man tournament on a 5 man tubed sup air field that was added to/augmented by adding some freestanding airball bunkers (if I remember right it was because the old tubed bunker setup was missing some bunkers and the field bought a used stand-alone airball field which wasn’t in great shape so they combined the two). The old-school tubed airball field had a working “tongued” snake on one tape and the other tape had a zipper made of the freestanding bunkers. For a guy who is 6’5″ I wasn’t exactly thrilled about that field.

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