Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

The time has come…Execute Order 66 🔥 Welcome back to another video and this week is part 66 of my paintball shenanigans 🎉

This week we explore what it means to be a paintballers and Magda will also come to eat her words when she disagrees with me….

As always I really appreciate the support with all the videos and I would really appreciate if you can all like and share the video as it will really help with trying to get the series seen more!

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By Doloris

18 thoughts on “PAINTBALL FUNNY MOMENTS & FAILS ► Paintball Shenanigans (Part 66)”
  1. Magda: *doesn’t wanna get up.*

    Barker: Okay but if the game starts you’re gonna struggle to get up

    Magda: But it’s not going to start in half an hour

    *Game Starts*

    Barker: See what’d I tell you?

    Magda: *Is probably struggling to get up.*

  2. “I’m not that short.”- Magda 2021-2022

    Me if I saw Magda: Lordy she’s my height.

  3. Don’t know why at 5:40 I saw it say Yellow Guy ™, like if they’ve patent his nickname

    1. Well either way best of luck gents always a blast to watch when I’m unable to sleep

  4. I have returned, which means I bring boatload of gear reminders with me >:D

    (Thought i was gone eh? Foolish)

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