Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

By Jasmin

16 thoughts on “Paintball Gun Dwell?”
  1. If I want to set the dwell on 1 million it would take me 2 days to click the trigger. And another 2 days to check the setting. I guess I need some coffein.

  2. what should i do if i buy a new bolt and it recomends that you lower the dwell?

  3. Hi, I’m facing a dilemma after watching your video. I have an Axe default setting is 180psi dwell 8ms. I replaced the stock bolt to the Boss bolt v2. the recommended setting on that is 160psi and dwell at 3ms. what would you recommend?

  4. He is completely wrong. My gun fires perfectly and i can get consistent headshots at over a mile and my dwell is -4πr±385°-(Δy/Δx) all divided by the age of the earth in seconds.

  5. Thanks for the video I won’t try it because I will not be able to fix it but thanks lol

  6. Mike you’re awesome.  My favorite comment, “Saw the fucking thing in half, I don’t care”. 

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