Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

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Paintball MilSim (Military Simulation) Action in Complex-B located in Beauharnois city, province of Québec, Canada

Military Simulation Scenario. Objective clear the Abandoned Warehouse Of Any Possible Threat

Note : There is a detail untrue about paintball in this video. In the Complex-B we use ”Powderballs” same thing as the common paintballs except it explode in powder and dust instead of paint. It give a more realistic and ”wow” look to the military scenarios games.

Camera Used : Canon 60D

Song Used : Short Change Hero. The Heavy

Copyright of this video and the Music soundtrack is owned by their rightful Owners

By Elvia

18 thoughts on “Paintball Milsim Tribute”
  1. How come some of the players are not using full masks or wearing mask that are trimmed

    . Just curious.

  2. To make them look more Milsim…. Good video but that is fucking stupid IMO…

  3. Very nice location, and you have gone the whole way way with the tactical approach. Although I am a bit skeptic with the lower mask removal thing, especially when I see Golf Balls flying around :-o, That could cost someone a tooth ..

  4. Love this vid I want this kind of paintball in the uk at a descent price in the uk it £7 for 100 paintballs wich is about $15-18

  5. @ 1:04. It’s very disrespectful wearing a Ranger scroll when you aren’t in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

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