Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

My second video on paintball sniping… I was using an Advanced Tactical System AT85 modified to shoot Tiberius Arms First Strike Round. Video was filmed at SuperGame 44 at multiple ranges approximately between 45 yards to 80 yards. Video was shot entirely in HD using a new a scope set at 8X for better video filming. Thank your for the inspiring words from my last video and I hope you enjoy this one as well.

For marker setup and info, please visit this blog by russcpb:

Thanks for watching.

TPS Logo belongs to Top Paintball Sniper and was used with permission.

By Shane

19 thoughts on “Paintball Scope Cam First Strike Sniping”
    1. Its about 40 minutes-ish south of Portland on hwy 5. I live near Seattle and go every year. Definitely worth the journey.

  1. What was the camera you used for the scope cam and how did you set it up (what mount)?

    1. For me that’s called revenge. Every Magfed player who has gone up against a Speedballer knows the pain of having 200 rounds slung past them. It’s annoying. So Tiberius gave us the chance to level the playing field. I don’t think the fun is ruined I just think that it’s fair now. But yes. It makes people very mad. I love it. Wish my field allowed them.

    2. +Nuke SWAT PB good point, guess it does level the playing field! and I guess its a good way to sort out the campers! I need to get back into it

  2. Did I see a couple bounces but the players called themselves out anyway? Still very impressive and makes me want to buy them. Just wondering if the bounces happen because they hit bloused clothing or soft spots? Or are they bouncing because the range is so far and the projectile velocity is very low by the time it makes impact?

    1. The rounds I was using are by design have hard shells. Most bounces happen because of a combination of factors including what you mentioned. But I’ve seen really skilled players capable of hitting 100 yard plus targets with clean breaks.

  3. I don’t know why but the link to view the setup for the gun wont work… I found an awesome paintball combat arena where I live now. and they allow sniper rifles to be used, however they don’t sell any r even suggest how to make one… could you help me… everywhere I look online shows the same shitty rifles nothing compared to what your using in design or accuracy…

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