Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

By Doloris

26 thoughts on “Paintball Tank CO2 System”
  1. 5:22 don’t put Teflon tape over that edge to seal it the proper way is to get a nylon washer looking thing that seals it or a brass one that has rubber on both sides that screws into the canisters fitting sorry forgot what the brass seal is called but the first one is just a nylon seal.
    Edit: Also a good way to check for leaks is some soapy water, a spray bottle and look for bubbles, simply spray off with water to remove soap.

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  2. There is a lot of information missing, like what to do if it leak , white tape is not needed, adapters most of the time will leak ,

    1. Look in the other comments and this is covered. You want a gasket for the tank that should stop the leaks. You can get it at welding supply places. I tried to simplify the system as best as I could for beginners.

    1. Thank you, I’ll see if I can make this a top comment so people are more likely to see it immediately

  3. Ok great video. My question is that rather then buying an air compressor. My best option would be buying a larger co2 tank to fill my 10 gallon co2 tank. What size tank and fill hose will you recommend?

    1. I’ve never tried to transfer co2 from tank to tank. But your best bet is to go to a local brewery or welding shop and pick up a 5-10lb co2 tank. That’s what I used when I stopped using the co2 tanks

  4. Hey bud can I operate a paintball co2 tank on a 45deg angle?? I want to cut a piece of PVC in half and mount to my DIY stand and slide my tank into it at a 45deg angle so I can read the gauges in operating mode.

    1. Only six months late, but yes. CO2 in a paintball tank is in liquid form. As long as you don’t allow the liquid to escape you’ll be fine.

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