Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

By Shane

15 thoughts on “Paintball Tank Wars – SuperGame”
  1. first paintball video i’ve seen without a single paintball being shot, it’s a cool concept but with no actual paintball involved, which is what it looks like from the video it doesn’t seem too much fun

  2. Some really cool designed tanks here! Just wish it had some ground troops in this video!

  3. to those that think this is boring without players/paintballs:
    This is just one part of the supergame event (a 3 day long event) Tank Wars is about an hour long, (5-6pm on the first day) and is the ONLY tank on tank game. the rest of the game, the tanks are on the field WITH players, and they do infact shoot paintballs. per rules, tanks must shoot a lower FPS than players, but are allowed higher BPS. tanks CAN shoot at players but only with paintballs. Nerf rockets are for OTHER TANKS ONLY. Players may also have bazookas/grenade launchers to launch nerf football rockets at tanks also. again, like tank rockets, bazookas/grenade launchers are for TANKS ONLY. visit for more info on supergame (no im not a recruiter, just an avid paintball player and lover of Supergame)

  4. oklahoma DDay has been doing tank on tank battles since about 2000. The tanks had kill switches that actually shut off the engine when they got hit. Those were the good-ole-days when you could kill a tank with a stingray lol

  5. He is acting like he developed this it is already all over Europe. Paint ball tanks…..

  6. I love the design of the vehicles. I think alot of people who build paintball tanks try to make them look too similar to real military vehicles. Paintball should be its own thing. They should look a bit odd and wacky, like they were home built. Leave the 1:1 replica stuff to airsoft.

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