Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

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Here’s the finished video:

The Social Paintball team flies out to California to help produce a viral video for Guerrilla Air, a paintball manufacturer. This was filmed on location at Hollywood Sports Paintball Park in California. Professional paintball team , Dynasty, participated. A professional stuntman / freerunner was brought on to assist with stunts.

Watch for the bloopers at the end.
Do not try this at home.

By Elvia

25 thoughts on “Paintball – The Making of Parkour / Free Runner vs. Team Dynasty”
    1. +DugspiUno there is no way a pro team is going to lose to that parkour guy and only a younger person would believe that

    2. @trimeric gorgon You are obviously young for not knowing what can happen in the world. Case Closed

    3. +DugspiUno Actually with how much those pro teams spend on shooting moving targets, it would be quite obvious it was fake with how many times he would have been an easy hit.

  1. This would actually be really neat if parkour was really used in paintball. 4v1 is really dumb, but in a real situation, a 4v4 with parkour would be pretty cool to watch, and flanking would be more intense

    1. I tried implimenting it the first time I played, but the obstacles were way too smooth, and carrying that bulky gun made it way harder.

  2. let’s be honest people y
    if you didn’t think this was pre filmed somethings wrong with you I mean really you think one guy can take on a team of pro players that spend days and days shooting at moving targets

    1. +JB77776  that was the cool part about it. one paintball ninja takes the best team. it was truly magical

    2. +Atley Harris yes bit easily seen as fake if you have ever ran into a good paintball player you know just how accurate they are.

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