Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

By Shane

7 thoughts on “Paintball War 2 Gameplay / New Paintball Game on PC”
    1. This just got released I think yesterday. I am thinking of getting it myself and a few of my friends might also.

    2. @ThemOneGuys yeah i wondered as he was playing against bots and not players . I’m trying to get a few of my mates to get it aswell but the gameplay looks abit janky.

    3. I was playing vs bots because the game was not out yet. The game released earlier today.

  1. There should be an official pantball game where the most famous teams, pro players, referees and NXL championship rules appear … but this game leaves a lot to be desired, it seems that those who created the game never played paintball in their life. A pity, since I was looking forward to this game 🙁

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