Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

By Ali

8 thoughts on “PDW Buttstock For Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 and EMF100 Paintball Gun”
  1. I love it but can’t afford it… damn you US healthcare!!!! I had to pay a stupid amount of money to get blood drawn at a hospital. Did you know getting blood drawn from a hospital costs over $1000? At least I paid less than $500 but damn why so much for less than 30 minutes of time and a bit of metal and plastic? I have an Emek with the EMC kit so I will pick this up maybe sometime next year (I need to be a little “responsible” for cash because several games are coming out early next year).

  2. So do you guys sell mg100 built like that or do you guys just sell the parts and we have to buy the gun separate

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