Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

By Reita

8 thoughts on “Planet Eclipse Etha 2 vs Empire Mini GS Shooting Comparison // Punisher’s Paintball”
  1. Yesss. I’ve been searching for this. I have an emek and am starting to save for 2nd marker. These are my top two choices

  2. i absolutely love my Emek/Etha 2 twins! Etha 2 seems quieter at least on camera, or at least the sound signature is a different frequency that seems quieter.

  3. I got a mini, used it for a tourney season and it was very consistent and in my opinion better than the etha

  4. great video! the audio is only going through my left ear in my headphones though. hopefully you can fix this in the future to make a little better quality content

  5. I don’t know. I gotta give it to the ETAH2. 2 words GAMMA CORE! Enough said! You can’t beat that bolt system. But I guess I’m a PE FAN BOY! I love all my PE markers from my EMEK to my CS2pro & LV1.6. But I do gotta say that I do shoot my EMEK over my 2 high end markers. I also still shoot my ETEK5! People ask if I’m interested in selling it! NO THANK YOU!

  6. I agree completely the mini GS is the better gun of the two and quite frankly the best gun for $500 or less that you could possibly buy.

  7. My pick would be the Etha 2. Etha 2 has a better bolt and better reliability. I’ve seen multiple mini GS or Axe markers go down at my field, sometimes from user error, but that’s also what makes Etha 2 so reliable. Most PE guns are idiot proof!

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