Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

By Ali

18 thoughts on “Pro Paintball: ac: Dallas vs ac: Diesel vs Infamous”
  1. Infamous even looked bad in practices. I’m really really pulling for them to have a good season. Finger crossed Texas is a better event for them.

    1. Can’t agree more. But I wouldn’t say they looked “bad” at Vegas. Yeah they lost to Aftermath (okay so maybe kind of bad) and pulled out a close one against LVL on Saturday…. But you have to think they were pretty deflated after losing to two of the top teams in the league by a combined 2 points the day before. That’s a brutal bounce back for anyone.

      I think they’re real close to being a consistent Sunday club.

    2. It looks like they were just trying to be too aggressive, or making unnecessary/incorrect moves. But I have no idea if that’s correct, just seeing a lot of moving and dying.

    1. No, I believe the only color that isn’t allowed is red but that may have changed

  2. The player count overlay is super legit for raw footage. This is some very quality work.

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