Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

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November 11-14 | World CupThe biggest paintball event of the year is almost here!! Tune into Nov. 11th – 14th as the best paintball players and teams battle for the NXL World Cup trophy!

In the NXL’s Professional Division, the race for the series title is the closest it’s been in years as this is the most competitive field we’ve ever seen.

Edmonton Impact is in the lead; they won the first event and took 2nd place in Philly, but they lost in the wild card round at Chicago and took 10th.

After dominating the sport in ten-man competitions this season LA Infamous is also ranked 2nd overall for the NXL Series Title. Infamous is only ten points behind Impact and could take the title with a victory at Cup.

San Diego Dynasty is on a roll and will be defending the World Cup they won a year ago while trying to make it two wins in a row to end this season. They were dominant in their victory at the last event, going undefeated in Chicago. A World Cup win will also give them the series title.

After a slow start to the year, two-time world champs Houston Heat are also in the title hunt after securing a redemptive win at the second event.

But the top four teams have their hands full with the rest of the league! The other sixteen pro teams are working to dethrone the top four squads. This season has seen favorites fail, underdogs rise, and World Cup should be a wide ride!

Mark your calendars and get ready for all the epic gunfights going down on center stage at the NXL World Cup, live Nov. 11-14th only on

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