Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

November 11-14 | World Cup
2022 will be the year for Woman in Paintball with the start of the WNXL. This match is an exhibition with players representing 5 of the current franchises. Cheer on Team Ice made up of members of Femmes Fatale & Destiny, while they VS Team Fire made up of players from The Heroines, Vibe and Diamonds. Pay special note to the throwback jerseys as the inaugural WNXL pays homage to the first Pro XBall exhibition match at the Nations Cup in 2002.

By Shane

4 thoughts on “Pro Paintball | NXL World Cup | PRO WOMEN’S PAINTBALL EXHIBITION”
  1. Makes me very happy to see. Hopefully this will translate into exposure into the general public.

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