Thu. May 26th, 2022
10 thoughts on “Pro Paintball | San Antonio X-Factor vs MLKings and San Diego Aftermath vs ac DIESEL”
  1. Ramirez from Aftermath has been super consistent. Glad to see him getting some playing time.

  2. 23:08 – I totally disagree with Rich here …. “Sat in the snake and didn’t shoot anyone” ???? His entire team got shot out in 15 seconds and Rich is blaming the snake player who got to the 50 alive and is about to go to work… Snake player played this perfectly, give him another 10-15 seconds without being shot in the back and he gets 3-4 kills. If snake players played the way Rich wants them to, evertime u get to the 50, wrap and shoot… u will dive everytime very fast. Much love Rich, just think u got this one wrong.

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