Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

By Rubin

27 thoughts on “Rec Room Paintball | L33TSH33P vs. RAZOR619 (BEST in league paintball) in team CTF match on Drive In”
  1. As I said before, not the normal watcher of paintball but this makes it interesting

    1. @L33TSH33P how did you’re match making make you play against him I manged to play 3 times against split moon he’s like top10 in paintball

    2. @Monkey Drei I actually see him quite a bit, but he usually leaves or makes it a bit weird by not interacting, so I leave… it’s a strange, “friendship” lol. Split Moon is amazing, and an absolute blast to play with!

    3. @L33TSH33P dude I had such a busy day I forgot to answer you sry I actually don’t like split moon that much but 🤫🤫🤫
      And I can agree it’s weird for you as a guy with mic to play against people without microphone (I know razor has a mic and prob often talks too) but I don’t have a mic so it’s pretty normal to me

  2. This was a good challenging match these couple rounds, good job! However I have a question as well more focused on the levels. Some of the signs like Debbie’s Drive in diner are glowing, and or there’s more lighting and Ray tracing going on in the map.

  3. Does the map change because of what platform you’re using? Or that there’s A pacific setting for this lighting? (I use a quest 2).

    1. It does matter what system you are playing on, and what your graphics settings are at. I’m on a Rift S connected to a PC with all graphics turned all the way up.

  4. Sometimes not everyone will be a good sport or say: gg! But that’s ok and everyone can push through it! You did a great job!

  5. Good stuff man. Some people I guess just prefer to be quiet, helps them focus I guess. If he talks to you usually then maybe there may be something wrong

    1. No he definitely has a problem. We’ve known each other for years in rec room and even played in league together. He has openly told people he doesn’t like me (so I’ve been told) but he won’t tell me why. I’ve been nothing but nice to him. I even tried to record him saying hi to the viewers after the game, explaining again how he’s the best. He wasn’t interested.

    2. And thanks for watching! Not everyone is a ray of sunshine, but we will continue to be a friendly channel 🙂

  6. I like how you acted like the best paintball player joining your game is a normal everyday thing. I would be questioning my eyes if someone like that joined my game.

  7. Hey L33tsh33p, can you please give me a shoutout I started a YouTube channel about rec room and your in it!!!😁you have made me a more kind person in rec room and real life! If you could reply that would be great. love your videos by the way.keep it up!👍 -MarleyVR

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