Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

The SAR12 Paintball Bolt Action to Semi Auto sniper rifle was designed by David Williams of Carmatech Engineering. Sonny Lopez shows how the SAR12 converts from a bolt action to a semi auto. SAR12 paintball sniper rifles will be available in Spring 2013. Patent Pending design. Filmed on location at Infaspace in Van Nuys, CA.

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By Mack

18 thoughts on “SAR12 Paintball Sniper Rifle/Marker: Bolt Action to Semi Auto Conversion”
  1. does this guy think he’s in the special forces or something? What a dumbass

    1. probably works just like a tiberius (blow forward) or scarab arms (blow back) marker…

    2. @Dante Ness yes u sure can still shoot first strikes. I have noticed that sometimes the last round in the mag feeds upright and causes a jam. but that happens in bolt action as well.

  2. Nice vídeo. A friend recently bought a SAR 12 sniper but it only shoot at 320fps when the tank is with 400psi or lower. Do you know something about it? Thank you.

    1. +JosĂ© Geraldo Dor safety reasons, Paintball markers are only intended to shoot up to 300 fps anyway. Your friend is shooting way too “hot.”

     does anyone know any good website for buying it? tnx.

  4. So we don’t have to take the sar apart to put in the semi auto kit?

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