Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

By Rubin

17 thoughts on “Set up a CO2 Fill Station for Paintball Tanks and Sodastream”
    1. I think that’s the way it works. There are some good Soda Stream connection videos that show that and no doubt works the same way for filling paintball canisters too. Of course there are good tutorials and not so great. But watch a few to half a dozen to a dozen and you’ll quickly pick up the best of the best tid bits of info and be able to apply to your personal situation or set up limits etc.

  1. Quick question, I thought you only want syphon tanks for filling paintball tanks and beer but NOT for soda stream tank refills? Is that true

  2. great video, straight info no BS, and at least you know what on and off is on a ball valve, unlike the other guy who had no clue, no source tank, no scale, just a hose setup and an empty small tank.

    Have a great day

  3. Finally i got perfect info about how much to fill .. thanks for mentioning the metric .. Highly appreciate it

    1. Freeze WHAT in your freezer? He shows you freezing your small canister/tanks in the freezer you do that for both paint ball canisters and soda stream canisters by the way. Anyway he not only SHOWS YOU he talks you through it very clear here. One of the best demonstrations on Youtube for this material. If you miss it just back your play up a little and rewatch it until you grasp what he’s saying and SHOWING. No need to replay the entire video though sometimes that helps too. Take a short break and re-watch and again if you need just grab the slider bar back to repeat a section.

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