Sun. Jan 16th, 2022
28 thoughts on “Setting Up a GoPro for Paintball (Demonstrated with the GoPro Hero 4 Silver)”
  1. I use the Unanistan A.E. Gopro mount. it’s roughly $20, and is amazing on masks. it’s made for quite a few different masks also

  2. sorry to bother you but you know that tank cover they didnt have it they thoight they could order it from ninja. I told them ninja discontinued it. do you happen to know anybody else that would have them in stock?

  3. this also cracks me up how we kind of have same stuff setup I also have sly profit mask but mine tiger strip. I found a cheap yellow len I going to try. what do you think of go pro hero 4

    1. +Madman Paintball i just dont seeing enough money to this time Chicago. is only 6 hours from me mite.I heard you need at least 140010 to play in living legends

    2. @Scott Tenny I’ll need about 800 US$ for air transport 200-300 US$ for the hotel and food and another 300 US$ to play (counting paint) = about 1400 US$ for me plus anything I’d carry with me for the trade show. Since you’re waaay closer to Chicago I think it’d be a few hundred dollars less. 

    3. Yeah man I just dont think thia be the year I could do it but we keep in touch for it never know

  4. Next time you play paintball can you please make an unedited not memed gameplay video with the etek? Good video, now I know how to actually see the people I shot lol.

    1. @Glenn Wilson I can’t resist it haha. But, sure I guess I can upload raw footage from time to time. Now, would you prefer to have me commentate over it or just pure raw footage?

  5. Thank you Mad man for posting this. I appreciate it especially, as I requested this video and you make the vid straight away. Good job, thanks.

    1. +Chamba honestly whatever you feel most comfortable with, since I usually edit sound and add other audio pieces, I use the full closed shell to keep it safer. This also means I have to use manual controls while encased, but it was easy for me to learn the manual controls + screen. But if you want to risk it (and even though I say “risk” it’s very unlikely for you to be shot there), you can try the hollow back door and get better sound. The one that I really wouldn’t use under any circumstance is the touch-sensitive back, it just feels unreliable as far as durability goes.

    1. +Maurice it’s unlikely. If it makes you feel safer carry an extra case to the field in case you take a direct hit so you can replace them in case the one you’re using takes a hit. I guess I can say it’s like your mask lens; after a few hits you just have to replace it to be safe.

    1. +xASSASSINxBLADEx Yes, however, I recommend trying out the Unanistan mounts. They’re much more secure.

  6. What settints do you recommend? I was thinking 1440p 60 fps wide or medium.

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