Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

John takes the all new Shocker AMP paintball gun out for a quick shooting video and to talk about what he likes about it after his first weekend of playing with it.

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22 thoughts on “Shocker AMP Paintball Gun Shooting Review – Shocker Paintball”
  1. So the new AMP is a outdated variant of the 170R for the same price range. I mean eye covers with screws, a old school twist ASA. It feels dated, out of the box at this price range

    1. Yes, but it’s not always about tech tbh, clearly this gun is built well.. plus let’s not forget this marker is significantly lighter than a 170r by a good margin.

  2. Aside from the older NXT Shocker, this new AMP model is the only one that truly interests me to actually consider buying as a future marker.

  3. Will the AMP bolt drop in to an RSX or XLS? Or is having to buy a new Shocker the whole point of it…?

  4. its funny how many people are complaining of a gammacore rip off 😂😂😂 mad kuz they paid 1500 for a gun that cant shoot as many pods as the amp💯

    1. It is easier to maintain ramping consistently while walking the trigger compared to pulling with one finger. NXL mode requires a higher sustained rate of fire to maintain ramping.

    1. It is about the same weight, SP Shockers are some of the lightest markers in the game!!

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