Sun. Jan 16th, 2022
18 thoughts on “Shooting New Tippmann Magfed – TMC paintball gun with gas through stock”
  1. I highly recommend the tmc with the air through stock. I use the hk army 13ci tank filled to 4 and get around 8 mags before I completely run out of air so overall my best pick!

  2. Why not fill the magazines up so we can get a true number of shots per cylinder ?

  3. Is this marker operating on Co2 or HPA??

    I have just purchased this marker with a Tippmann 20 ounce Co2 tank as well…. have I purchased the wrong tank??

    I’m running a remote line, so what would be a good inexpensive tank and regulator to purchase for this marker

    Also what’s the best paint suggestion to shoot with this marker??

  4. Wow!!! stay at a straight angle so I can see the velocity drop!!!! Why cant anyone make a good video

  5. Is that the fabric barrel??? How far can you shoot??? Btw, is that an EVS Empire mask??? Do you recommend both the marker and mask???

  6. “If you just have short arms and can’t shoot one” lol thank you 🙏🏻

  7. i seen this gun with wires attached while people was shooting it also tanks out of it wats the difference between urs?

  8. I’d love to see a Skirmish ION event that’s magfed, except for “sub-machine” guns.

  9. Good thing is volume does not equal pressure. You are likely to get very close to the same shots from your tank when you see a drop in pressure according to some hydraulic/pneumatic laws

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