Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Immortals play paintball at Wildfire Outdoors in Conyers Ga!! Marco manage to do a 1v4 with a 30lb weighted plate carrier !!! Marco was definitely the MVP the last two events.

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By Rubin

8 thoughts on “Smoke & Rain Pt.1 // Wildfire Paintball Field // Conyers Georgia”
  1. 👌 yooo , I am digging it. Dope match up and I bet that 30 lbs after awhile felt heavier lol 👌 I am used to the 50 rucksacks for hiking but a plate carrier 👌

    1. Marco was really putting in some work lol they was missing shots on him and we was amazed at the fact he got a few kills with all that extra weight on him

  2. Did you all play this past weekend? I would have been your referee in this video as I am usually scheduled to work at the Conyers location on the weekends but they had me working as a ref in Snellville on Saturday, but Sunday I could not get a ride to work so I missed out on being there. It’s too bad because it would have been cool to have both been a player in one of your videos and a referee in the other. If y’all keep coming you will see a lot of me 🙂

    1. We played both fields on the 11th and I had to stay awake for 24 plus hours that day because I had came in town from work but I promised my bro we’d play paintball the whole weekend to make up for when I was gone lol

    2. @Immortal Trey oh yeah I remember the 11th oh, that was my birthday and I could not get a ride to work LOL, which explains why Mike was y’all’s referee. I guess I keep missing you all when you come out to Conyers, sucks not having a car anymore:-(

    3. We like the indoor field on Fridays if we can’t make it on weekends so you’ll definitely see us there pretty often

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