Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Spyder Paintball presents “The Hunt”, a short film showcasing the Spyder MRX™ and MRX™ Elite .68 Caliber paintball markers. The Spyder MRX™ features the brand new “DLS” Dual Loading System for paintballs. This unique patent pending system enables you to interchange your loading system with a quick turn of the barrel; allowing the user to switch between a traditional upper load feed system and all new 10-round lower magazine feed system during play. MRX™ Accessories that come stock with the marker include the: Detachable Fore Grip, Feed Neck Cover Plate, Sight Rail Mount, Dual Color Red/Green Dot Sight, additional 10-Round MRX™ Magazine, Laser Pointer, 18″ Sniper Barrel, and Adjustable Car Stock. The extensive list of included MRX™ Accessories delivers a realistic military look allowing the player to experience a true Mil-Sim feel making it a must-have marker for scenario paintball players.

14 thoughts on “Spyder Paintball MRX™ Series “The Hunt” Short Film”
  1. everyone saying that the mag is shit it can be good. my mate is gonna get the MRX and fill the mag with rubber balls so if anyone starts being a dick and shooting him while he’s already shot he can shoot them with rubber balls and fuck them up but if you’re not into that that’s fine

  2. I have one, it’s a great starter gun. New high cap magazines (15rds) will be released soon. Overall it’s very reliable and sturdy. Although, the weight is more on the heavier side, so if you’re looking for a light Milsim marker this is NOT it. But for $169.99 you can’t beat it, I do just fine with 10rd mags. Upgrades are available at Kingman(dot)com. Hope this helps.

  3. Why are people talking shit this gun is perfect if the gun jams switch to the mag and cap

  4. I see soldiers only use their foregrips in medium to long range(what they are intended for) and hold the mag in CQB….

  5. hey hey I need to tell you something really important could you please come to down to South Africa and fix my paintball gun and trying to fix it for 2 years now and I never get any improvement could you please come down from wherever you steak and beg of you please I stay in Durban Verulam here and please bring something special have come down here I don’t know what else to say I lots of love by

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