Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

As the 2021 season comes to a close, all eyes are on the NXL World Cup of Paintball. With multiple pro teams in the running for the title, their performance at World Cup is crucial. Putting it all on the line, San Diego Dynasty delivered a performance unrivaled by any other team. Going undefeated in the prelims and through out the tournament, San Diego Dynasty clenched the World Cup victory, and the 2021 NXL Pro Series Title. Sit back, relax and enjoy our World Cup Highlight video “TAKE IT AWAY”

HK Army would like to congratulate San Diego Dynasty on a dominate performance at the NXL World Cup, making them back to back World Cup Champs!

Big shout out to all the teams who supported us in 2021 season through our sponsorship programs and shooting our HK Army Paintballs! For more information on how to become a HK Army sponsored team, and shoot the paint that won the World Cup 4 YEARS IN A ROW, email: [email protected] !

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Alex Fraige Hype Speech provided by:
Ryan “Mafia Productions” Moffitt

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By Shane

17 thoughts on “TAKE IT AWAY | HK ARMY x WORLD CUP 2021 | #BuyHK”
  1. alex’s speech and his energy in this video reminds me a lot of how ollie used to lift his teammates up back in the day….

    1. Idk bout everyone else but I can’t get into my zone with speeches like this. I need my calm quiet 🤫 time before I kill it.

    2. @thatmichael100 Same, I am ok with rowdy speeches but give me the 5 mins before the game in my own head space.

  2. Lol of course the shot is Smith running me down. Killed two of their guys in a 5 on 1 and couldn’t pick up on him quick enough. Just gotta get payback next season 👍

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