Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

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The TECHT iFit is our new barrel boring adapter kit. It allows paintball players to properly size their paint to their barrel. The iFit kit is totally modular and means players will not have to buy several different backs in order to size their paint. Just select the bore you need and the number of inserts you want- now your ready to size your paintballs in order to get more accuracy and better efficiency.

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9 thoughts on “TECHT iFit Paintball Boring Barrel Kit Introduction”
  1. You can now use your .693 and still be able to bore smaller paint.

  2. @rufis8
    It does work well with the Freak. The addition of the iFIT to the Freak, at the same or smaller bore, adds velocity.

  3. I love my iFit kit. I got the 6 piece plus adapter. The bores I use most often are .676 and .679, (smaller than some of the other barrel kits smallest size!) and I’ve only had one paint that was too warped/out of round to use it with.
    Some people complain that the inserts are so short, but I find 1 3/4 inches of the right bore is more accurate and efficient than 6″ of the wrong one.

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