Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

By Rubin

13 thoughts on “Teleport Vs Walk In Paintball | Which Is Better? – Rec Room”
  1. i play teleport because i have stick drift on quest 1 and my mom doesnt want to buy another controller

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  3. I think they need to add teleport to rec rally. People get to motion sick and they need to add the option to teleport your car.

  4. Whenever people tell me that teleporting is cheating or hacking or exploiting, I’ll just send them to this video.. I’m tired of explaining, I’ll just let someone else do it. Great Video Mav!

  5. You just made paintball a whole lot competitive…

    Also what hacks you using for teleporting?

  6. Just saying the tp walker speed test is wrong i saw a video and there they did it pefect and its the same just sayin

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