Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Slushy Ops were nice enough to have me out for a little mini clinic this past weekend so I brought my camera along! Mini Skulls were also at the ready to help make the drill session a success.

This drill will help you with your laning as well as your run and gun skills. What’s also great is that it doesn’t need a lot of paint at all to complete.

Tell me what you think of the new audio commentating below as well! Want to see more videos like this?

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How To Play Paintball
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33 thoughts on “The 2×2 Paintball Laning Drills”
  1. How did you show them to place their foot?
    Like pivot their left foot 45 degrees or something?

    1. Basically you turn your foot out to the direction you are going so it is one less step 👍

    1. Same hear ..I feel it gives a better understanding of the drills to see them first hand ……

    1. Let’s hope this is going to be the way he shows us drills ..I believe it’s the best way to learn ..

  2. Love the star wars intro.once again great video on how to shoot Lanes.thats why you are my favorite baller..I will take what I learned to the field ..and I asked about what is in your gear bag I was wondering once you get your new gear and marker .why not put your 2021 gear bag up for a fan ..rather raffle it or just send it to a fan .just a thought..#mlkingsfanforlife

    1. Thanks for the love! So I usually sell my older equipment to make some money. I don’t get paid on MLK.

  3. Nice video, I like the different formats too.

    From a high level view a lot of the adjustments you showed were small but in reality a fraction of a second is the difference between a miss and a pack hit.

    1. Definitely! It’s just like any other sport where a minor adjustment makes a huge difference.

  4. Good stuff man! I feel like it can really give players a really good and different perspective on their form and what not (this video specifically) but also a different perspective in general, little things that they might not think about

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  5. yo bro what’s up do you coming to check out my recent paintball video and telling me what you think about it. It’s my first one !

  6. Awesome drill! Did it with my team last practice. And positioning my outside foot like that helps a lot even if it’s 1 extra second. Makes a big difference! Being a bigger guy, I need all the speed and extra time I can get.

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