Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Looking for the best guns in Roblox Big Paintball? We’ve got you covered! Let’s countdown all the coolest and best Big Paintball guns that are sure to help you out in the game…

As with any shooter, some guns are pretty common like the SCAR rifle (even though that’s a solid choice), but others like the dark matter gun are rare and insanely expensive, so we haven’t included that weapon in our list, but woah it sure is cool… but is it the best gun in Big Paintball? Debatable!

So what’s our Roblox Big Paintball best gun? Watch to find out, let us know if you agree in the comments below and subscribe for more Big Paintball tips and tricks!

Thanks HeyDudeWheresTheFood + View for some clips

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By Mack

15 thoughts on “The BEST Guns To Use In Roblox Big Paintball (2021 UPDATE)”
    1. Did you say that a p90 is a smg? It’s a bullpup semi automatic gun with a mag that goes on the top

  1. I have 2,284,000 bucks and I want to know what gun I should buy or do I keep saving up for another gun? (I want a good gun that I will use all the time and I would like a good suggestion.)

  2. the freeze gun in big paintball is the worst the gun it is only a one clicker it is the worst gun in the game trust me do not buy it

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