Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

This is a brief history of paintball, from its early beginnings to its debut as a modern sport. Few games have seen as quick an adoption, but paintball had its growing pains. Featuring MIB Deadpool to introduce the video.
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an extremely detailed timeline of paintball history:

a short listing of all the early tippmann markers:

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My video on gun legislation in America:




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By Doloris

16 thoughts on “The History of Paintball”
  1. Daisy getting the Brass Eagle Stingray into Walmart was the single biggest turning point in the growth of paintball. It might have been the worst paintball marker in history but paintball, while growing very rapidly before, exploded as soon as Walmart put the Stingray in its stores.

    1. That and the Paintball Blowguns that Daisy and Crossman made too, I forget the name.

  2. That was an important step, but it did not happen until 1997 at Kmart (owned by Sears which had it in the catalog in ’89), and ’98 at WalMart. Both were a bit late to the establishment of paintball as a national sport, but that did lower the bar for owner your own equipment substantially. Good point!

  3. believe it or not my great great great uncle invented paintballing and paintballs and paintball guns

  4. that historical marker you displayed does not exist – it was photoshopped by ME

    1. is this a joke or can you say which marker you are referring to and show proof of your forgery?

    1. This vid is like 8 years old, magfed wasn’t popular back then and it’s only starting to get more popular

  5. Like the video this actually helps a lot about my job, I work at the first paintfield in new York, and still work with the guy who brought it to new York but I am so surprised about much. To bad to never mentioned Jerry bronze but that’s not his really name so that probably explains some of the missing info in the video

  6. Ohh I just comented on this same video on another channel with 20 views and 1 sub?……Anyway. What was everyone’s first marker? Mine was a terrible Brass Eagle Tigershark pump action……..ugh lol

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