Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

The improper removal of the Planet Eclipse LV2 discussion video by a jealous competitor was flat out wrong. My use of that content is clearly protected by fair use laws. If Ryan gets away with this there will be chilling effects on free speech throughout the paintball community. Stand with me as we fight for free speech.

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By Elvia

  1. Wait so I am missing a bunch of context, this was someone else’s video and you used clips of it or something and it got removed?

    1. Blitzedmedia received 3 forms of credit (twice in the video and once in the description), he still proceeded to make a copyright claim illegally

    1. America is the greatest country in the history of the world. I am blessed beyond belief to be born here

    1. They actually reached out to me to drop reviews on some of there newest stuff so that may be in the works. I really never owned any so I can’t say first hand. However the players vote with their dollars and MD is kinda viewed as a 3rd tier company :/

  2. I think the leader of Spartan Group Omega said it best – “if they want war, we’ll give ’em war.”

  3. That fact your reacting this way to a copywriter claim tells everyone everything they need to know you. Grow up.

    1. Yo heavy. I know you’ve been around for a while but feel free to hit me up on IG about what rubbed you the wrong way

  4. Was literally looking for that video to show buddies at the field but couldn’t find it. Now I know why

  5. i feel you man i only make videos for entertainment and for the love of the sport but love the videos hope things get worked out

  6. Why the heck are you making a 10 min video to complain about using someone elses comment? You make it seem like you are getting 10 million views a video and are crucial to the industry lol. You reposted someones content and made up “sources” that confirmed it when Eclipse 100% would have not leaked any official information.

    1. I hope this isn’t Noonie from the heretics/CPX/PSP era Ref who I used to play with ocasionally as a kid in Chicago. You know me better than to come at me with this trash.

      Unless you’re a different dude with a similar handle

    2. @WillBallForSoup That aint me. Chances are if you need to dig deep to find a technicality that makes your video “legit” then it probably shouldnt have been made. Not someones place to tell another person on the rights and use of their content. You literally probably could have messaged him and said you were going to use it and he probably wouldn’t have cared, but ya didnt. But you also think you are the most important person in paintball media for some reason too, sooooo, not going to be able to tell you anything you would hear.

    3. @WillBallForSoup doesnt matter if it was 18 seconds or 3. You used there content without asking. Yeah your rules might be different but your digging way to deep. All you had to do was message them asking, I know that’s not a rule but that’s just respect. The fact that your bashing the whole of the uk as well because of one channel with not even a 15th of the following your have is kinda pathetic. A 10 minute rant on a way smaller channel. Sounds like you took it to heart way too much

    4. @WillBallForSoup also not being funny but Noonie just left his opinion on the matter and you called him a dickhead. No need really lmao

    5. @Thomas 1) Fuck Blitzed media 2) fuck his supporters who have zero comprehension of how youtube works

  7. I wanted to hear you out but once you statted talking shit about world war 2 you lost me. America had nothing to do with stopping the blitz. If you cant get history right how can i beleive you have anything else right.

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