Sun. Jan 16th, 2022
15 thoughts on “This Is Paintball”
  1. Paintball and airsoft have nothing to do with each other. Both are fun. Airsoft tries to re-create military combat; paintball is a shooting sport like the biathlon and others, where you have to run, bike, or do some other form of cardio between or while shooting. Though paintball started in the woods and is played recreationally there, at the tournament level, it has nothing to do with mimicking military combat at all. It’s more like a chess game, and has referees and a governing body for the sport (currently, the NXL). Paintball competitions are also accessible to spectators, both on the grandstands and via web stream. Paintballers at the professional level are paid small sums ($10K, $20K, more?) to play for or transfer between the various pro teams, and efforts are being made to stimulate a pro player “market” similar (though admittedly miniscule) to that of mainstream sports. And paintball has a history, like other sports, documented since the late 1980s in books and magazines such as “P8NT,” “Action Pursuit Games,” and the upcoming photo-journalistic “F8MOUS.” One can follow professional paintball standings across the various NXL events, and there has always been a set series of such competitions each year. To those who still believe paintball isn’t a sport, please note that it has been broadcast on ESPN and other mainstream TV channels many times during the 2000s and hopefully, in the future. In terms of cost, it is true that airsoft ammunition is much cheaper than paintballs, but the amount you spend on equipment and guns/markers can be about the same, depending on how high-end you go. Again, both are really fun to play.

  2. 2 chot isn’t enough/ 3 chots get out of the field you onduosr stenn. ATt.paul 😎

  3. Our first game and it feels like yesterday ! ….. still one of the best Videos out there Hodge!

  4. I remember watching this video when I was like 15I’m now 24 getting back into paintball again finding my passion . This video is so nostalgic.

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