Mon. Jan 17th, 2022
17 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Aging Paintball Guns”
  1. SL8R was just another Ego. Every Ego is nearly identical. Same with the PM8. There was nothing special about it when it came out.

    1. mopey
      pm8 was fairly special in that it killed the proto matrix line by being a dm9 for $750. It’s the reason there was no pm9.

      Can’t comment on the sl8r

    2. PM8 had the lpr in the front which contributed to its stellar ergonomics. Dye continued to use the LPR in the back design through the DM13 which made the design awkwardly taller than needed but cheaper/easier to produce.

  2. Nope! Eclipse Shocker should have been in there (either the splash or auroa colour). Finally the Nexus DC2.

  3. Everyone talking shit about the Bob longs but I always loved them at the dye protos

  4. Egos are overrated and has took over the paintball game today. I miss smart part shockers and dm4s. And autocockers of course.

  5. Meanwhile no talk about the angel and it’s impact on e markers we have today, or the spider tl and tl plus lineup that made it affordable for kids to get into the sport. Or even the Tippmann 98. Which is so reliable it’s still in production today with the most units sold out of all other markers in history. And let’s not forget about the brass eagle talon, the chingy clear k mart special that was the spark for many pros today

  6. I’ll put either one of my Angels up against any of those markers and out perform them all.

  7. I played in the late 90s early 2000s and now my son is playing. When we go I am either shooting my rt classic, freeflow e1, or shocker turbo.
    They always get people’s attention.

  8. Got a pm8 , with a virtue board, it rips as good as any new gun ive shot…also an old trilogy electro cocker and 05 wgp mech cocker .
    All still work and get used .

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