Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

This is my first visit to BKW Paintball just outside of Tucson in Marana. With the money raised from this tournament the Copper Kings were able to purchase turf for the park. This event was 2v2 with uncapped semi auto.

If you want to hear the webcast I was on search “Ghost Paintball”

🥅 Channel Goal 20K 🥅
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(MY NEW OUTRO SONG) Strength – Hidden Machine

By Doloris

    1. Yasssss I was like
      I need a fucking outro song
      And I’m a nerd
      And listen to tech/prog
      Thank you for noticing me senpai. I will buy your album when it drops.

  1. Im moving to arizona in the near future what are a few of the best fields that have the best turnout each weekend and how many people typically turnout each weekend at those fields

    1. @kafka 25 Dam coming for some luxery living in the dale. Battlezone is the spot for Xball with tons of talented national level teams. Wild West is legit too but has fewer teams. Both are gridded official Xball regulation fields. I don’t play rec but I know by reputation Fighter Town is the #1 in state.

    2. @kafka 25 If you know what you are doing and want to try out for my team man HMU. We do have a no shitters policy so if you are too far away from making an event roster we will pass on you. It’s a team not a program/system.

  2. Hey Scotty you have inspired to start doing speed ball and I want to Persue it and join a team or create them were should I start

    1. Look on Facebook groups for your state to figure out what teams are around and looking for players. You can also always ask someone who works at your field. Play 5v5 gridded Xball layouts against the best players you can as often as you can on Sunday mornings.

  3. This me bro the guy on Instagram from kauai. Been a supporter for a while now. Got u brother! Thanks for the aloha on Instagram

  4. I can tell your field is somewhere in Arizona. What part? It doesn’t look like the one here in Tucson. Although I haven’t checked out the new marana location

    1. Ahh that sucks lol. I was hoping I could get some help with my marker. You seem cool. The guys out here are douchebags

    1. @WillBallForSoup that’s amazing ill make sure to tell my friends and family to sub 👍🏼

  5. Oh damn, you know Shawtay. Haha oh man, she a legend. Tell her sup and she still owe me. I went by Rod Munch back then…

  6. I’m a BKW regular, and the bathrooms are a big reason for that lol. Also, TPD is the worst gang in Tucson. Not surprised you got harassed.

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