Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

Valken Razorback Review and Comparison to HK Army Sabr
Tony reviews the Valken Razonback and then compares it to the HK Army Sabr. Buy the Razorback here: Buy the Sabr here:

The Valken Razorback is the ultimate in affordable paintball firepower! An updated, modernized take on the simple and reliable stacked-tube blowback semi-automatic paintball gun, the Razorback boasts features and performance at a price ANY paintball player can afford! Compact and lightweight, the Razorback is built around an aluminum receiver and boasts rugged stainless steel components for increased durability, plus a low-friction finish on moving parts to dramatically improve reliability and service life over any comparable paintball gun!

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00:00 Intro
00:17 PB Swag Bag
00:28 Valken Razorback Price
00:39 Unboxing Valken Razorback
01:03 Razorback Barrel
01:49 Feature Overview
02:49 Stainless Steel Internals
03:48 Double Trigger
04:06 Flex Tech Hose
04:34 Most Important Feature
05:02 Available Colors
05:37 Valken Razorback vs HK Army Sabr
09:55 Markers Sold Individually or in Packages
10:07 Closing

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    1. @Nine Zero some indoor fields do like area 53 in Brooklyn but yea you’ll be hard pressed to find a field that shoots 50

  1. Damn I’m early on this one too lol this honestly just looks like a rebranded spyder victor and the Spyder is 79.99 instead of 109 for this one

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