Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

What Paintball Gun Weights the Most? Speedball Gun Weight Comparison
Tony weights 12 different speedball guns to find out which is the lightest and heaviest currently available. Does the weight difference matter to you?
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00:00 Intro
00:31 PB Swag Bag
00:40 How it will work
01:12 Tony’s Prediction
02:18 Empire Mini GS
02:37 Planet Eclipse Etha 2
03:13 Empire Axe 2.0
03:33 Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R
04:22 HK Army Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro
05:25 Luxe TM40
05:58 Planet Eclipse LV 1.6
06:46 Shocker Amp
07:24 Field 1 Force
08:19 Dye DSR+
08:45 Planet Eclipse Geo 4
09:22 Dye M3+
09:52 Conclusion
10:52 Closing

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The Jerky Den

10 thoughts on “What Paintball Gun Weights the Most? What is the Lightest Paintball Gun?”
    1. original shoebox shocker maybe? (not including milsim stuff). I remember playing with a Rat JR Impulse back in the day that weighed almost 4 pounds for the gun alone LOL.

  1. So fun idea but one thing I had never noticed about your scale before this, your scale jumps 2 oz’s at a time. Which I just got the part of the video where you mention and dismiss it. Something that measures fractions of an ounce like a kitchen scale would better represent the differences of the markers as a 2oz resolution of difference is actually pretty vague with how close the markers are to each other(example of this is how the cs2 pro was bouncing up and down that was the scale rounding up and down) .

    Also one thing I’ve personally noticed over time is it isn’t necessarily how heavy the marker is but how the gun balances the entire setup. I actually use Freak XL stainless steel inserts on my shockers to make a neutral balancing marker. Where on my autocockers because of all the pneumatics I use my older aluminum standard freak inserts to more. This also plays into tank weight and length or how a carbon fiber barrel can remove to much weight from the front sometimes and make the marker harder to point for some people.

  2. Doesn’t matter if the barrel is hanging off the scale, it’s still included in the weight πŸ˜‰ lol. All guns these days are so much lighter than the 3 to 5 pound monstrosities of the old days.

  3. Ok now whats the lightest and heavieast magfed. You can measure them in the lightest configuration, and/or the heaviest factory configuration.

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