Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Where to Fill Your Paintball Air Tanks
We are asked all the time, “Where can I fill my air tank? I don’t have a paintball store near me.” Tony and Mark discuss places you can go and what to search for on the internet. Did we miss anywhere you’d recommend?

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00:00 Intro
00:30 Paintball Shop or Field
01:00 What if You Don’t Have a Paintball Store Near You
01:17 Search: Scuba Shop Near Me
01:37 Search: Welding Supply Near Me
01:54 Search: Fill Compressed Air Near Me
02:20 Fill CO2 at Sporting Good Stores
02:39 Don’t Use CO2 on Electronic Guns
03:07 Garage Compressor
03:40 CO2 Kegerator Tank
04:09 Last Resort: Cheap Overseas Compressors
05:15 Closing

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21 thoughts on “Where to Fill Your Paintball Air Tanks | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan”
  1. Can you fill the co2 tank with any other type of air or only specifically co2?

    1. I’ve heard it’s possible to fill a co2 tank with hpa but it is most likely very unstable

  2. I use the made in China air compressor and it works pretty good. I fill a scuba tank with it using some array of fittings and then just transfer air until it runs low on psi and fill it up again. It takes some set up and you need to run ice water through it but not all that bad every few months.

    The other options not mentioned if you buy what’s called a shoebox you can use a shop compressor only problem is a shoebox is around $700-$800.

    The last option is the hpa hand pumps they use for hpa bb guns. The issue is it literally takes forever and gets strenuous to use and overheats which breaks seals so you have to take breaks. A 4500/90 would probably take 2-3 days 2hrs a day pumping. But for small tanks it works pretty good.

  3. Welding shops for the win! And they can fill to 4500psi easy peazy. Sometimes you gotta rent from them tho

    1. Yes you can, I got a GX compressor on Amazon for 500$ and it’s small and fills my 90cu/4500psi tank to 4400 psi. It’s just super important that you buy a oil separator or else the compressor while leak oil into your tank. It takes a couple of hours to fill depending on your tank size

  4. My dick’s don’t fill tanks anymore but I found a army surplus place that’s do compressed are for $4.50. but what’s your opinion on buying a 4500psi compressor. Found one on eBay for $209?

  5. I work on a auto collision center they have a bigger air compressor, is it possible to have fill up with it or no

  6. My work has an air compressor that goes to 18000 psi.. but I don’t want to try it on my own. Do you think this would work?

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