Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

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13 thoughts on “Why I love paintball more than Airsoft but respect both”
  1. Haven’t played airsoft but nothing like the rush of being pinned down and hearing those rounds hit the bunker you’re hiding behind 💪🏿 paintball for life….. until they come for us 😄 and they will…

  2. Wolf you even seen those gas blowback airsoft guns? Some one them sound like real guns. The one you showed was a AEG

  3. I’ve never felt more at peace than when I’m reffing a game and just sitting in the middle of a field while paintballs fly by my head at 300 FPS

  4. You nailed it. 100% agree. Altho I would say Umarex T4E or any other .43cal marker is better than airsoft.

    1. @Elvis Freshly don’t know where you got that info. It says realistic blowback function and I don’t see a diffrence when shooting mine T4E.

    2. @Kristijan Sušnik the slide only goes halfway back during shooting. Vs airsofts going all the way back on shooting and decock. Lol youd be suprised at how much more the airsoft gbbrs relate to real steal than your t15s and 468.

    3. @Elvis Freshly im not using T15, im using Umarex training markers. Or as they call it airsoft on steroids.

  5. You can say it wolf paintball is better, hurts more and the courtesy is better from players lol

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