Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

By Rubin

26 thoughts on “Why Jessica Maiolo (TEAM USA PAINTBALL) GOT CANCELLED // Paintball in the Media”
  1. I really hate to sell out and I do my best to keep my videos free of product placement and outside sponsorship. My hiatus from the channel is mainly caused by how little money the channel generates compared to how many hours I put in. If you want to see this channel continue on with more regular uploads please consider picking up one of my signature headbands. As soon as this video goes live I have 2 banzai soup splash headbands and 10 fire 3.5 splash. $30 for 1 $50 for 2 (shipped and PPd). I do my best to respond to everyone on IG but it’s gotten a little bit tougher as the movement grows. Hopefully I’ll see everyone soon.

    1. @Chris. hey Chris. Just shoot me a DM on IG @ Willballforsoup. I don’t have a website.

  2. The biggest lesson in this is you can have your opinions, but actions can have consequences. It’s best to just keep quiet on the internet tbh.

    1. Here’s what I’m stuck on. There are claims that the vax is the reason why people aren’t dying from covid. How could they prove those people wouldn’t have survived if they were unvaccinated. The only hard fact is the breakthrough cases are real and growing. Which has the effectiveness in question for me.

  3. ok even tho u said that ur not defending her but the way you still sit biased on this entire topic is not ok idk nor do i care what ur political stand point is but you cannot in anyway try and go around that she is wrong in every aspect doesent matter how overweight her child is its not your place its not my place and its not her place to have something so say i lover ur channel i watch u alot and ik what ur were tryna say but its still not ok what u were tryan justify

    1. I’m not trying to justify it. I was explaining what she was trying to say and how she could have said it without crossing a line. You’re definitely misinterpreting my point of view in this video.

  4. no one is being demonized that can go both ways u could say that the vaxxers are being ignorant

  5. I had fun with partaking in “ruining Jessica’s life” lol 😂. Don’t dish out the bullshit if you can’t take it back. She got what she deserved. She wasn’t shit to begin with, she’s definitely not shit now.

    1. Im glad you took the time to hear out my point of view in this video recap especially as a non paintball person. You’re not wrong. She deserved it. But enjoying it just sounds like you’re relishing in others suffering.

    2. And before anyone gets on my case about that, I don’t care. After watching someone close to me (gf’s grandmother) be stuck in a hospital bed for 2 months on a respirator, and suffer 2 strokes in that time cuz of COVID… you’re damn right that won’t fly with me. Perfectly healthy woman in her sixties with no weight issues and no underlying conditions. Meanwhile Jessica is on her TikTok spewing conspiracy theorist bullshit that is, literally, costing people their lives. The jab at the teenager was the nail in the coffin. She can disappear and not come back, and will not be missed.

    3. @WillBallForSoup she clearly enjoys to do so. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have made the smug comment.

    4. @WillBallForSoup also… definitely not a non paintball person. I’ve been playing since 2001

  6. To understand them read moscow 2042. An exile from the ussr wrote it to take the marxist world view to its logical conclusion. All I have to say is no matter how bad she acted, dont kneel to the mob. Look at video games and comics. The quality of products is down. The money is dropping. What to DJ to make it better, someone kffer the kid a free day of paintball. Reach out and bring them out. Thats how we recover. Never fucking bow to the mob.

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