Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

**Shatner swearing included!!**
The captain himself leads his Paintball army against Radio DJ Mancow and Paintball hero Tom Kaye in Shatners 2002 Spplat Attack charity event

By Elvia

16 thoughts on “William Shatner Paintball”
  1. That was funny with the tanks i play paintball. I would of just hid and shot at the enemy tanks and take out the gunner. Lol. When was this?

  2. Wow, how many times have I heard people talk about what nerds airsofters are. At least we keep it real. Borg… wtf

  3. You friggin stooge. WTF is the point of runnin around shootin little tiny plastic pellets at each other?? I mean really?? What does it accomplish? How the hell you can tell whos out? No way any SOFTY event ever get as intence as paintball. GAY

  4. Me too! I’m a super cool guy! I know the score, and I get the girls, and I’m a fan of Star Trek!

  5. And he lead our team to victory also.
    As I remember Shatner only died once, (because the camera man following him was also on another team).

  6. I remember playing as a Medic at this event, I healed Shatter twice… basically I rubbed his belly it was cool as hell

  7. weird looking back seeing how far paintball has advanced with its tech in the last 10 years….but they did have shatner

  8. That game was so much fun! I found myself finally, at 7:03, I stand up and shoot over a car. Gosh I miss those days!!!!

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