Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

By Mack

  1. I desperately need elbow and knee pads, just got into paintball and spent all my money on mask and mg100, then I needed a vest….and mags… now my knees hurt and 😂

  2. Havent been able to play in years but those i4 pros would change everything for me. Id even give away my old i4 if i wont the pro

  3. I’ve been using a mini gs and I’m starting to get into speedball so that DSR+ would be really nice

  4. Can I please get the gun I have invert mini and it’s breaking down on me but If not may I have the elbow pads plz and thank you

  5. Love the page wolf. I would like a chance at the mask or the lenses. Thanks merry Christmas!!!

  6. You are still one of the top 5 paintball channels out there! Thank you for continuing to make great content and keep it up. I would be honored to win anything you had to giveaway. I would love a Wolfsden patch as well!

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