Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

XField Paintball Studio introduces XField Paintball 3 video game for PC on Steam. Find out the goal and the expectations of the Dev Team in the project.
XFP3 is a sports-based FPS game, players will use coordination, communication, and marksmanship to win matches. Winning takes not only individual skill but team dynamics, strategy, and tactics—as well as an understanding of the parabolic arcs of paintballs that give the game an entirely different physics model from most shooter games.

Paintballs curve as they move toward their target, allowing players to rain down shots on players even if they have total cover, allowing for different strategies. How the team covers the map to dominate key routes and allow cross-fire attacks is critical, as is situation assessment, speed of both movement, and decision making.
The game is officially licensed by 20 top paintball organizations and manufacturers (GI Sportz, Tippmann, V Force, Empire, DXS, Sup’Air Ball, Le Projet K, Paintball Designer, Dye, Valken, SC Village, Facefull, PB Nation, XPaint, Luxe, SP Shocker, Gog, Anthrax, Drome Paintball, Virtue, Eclipse, HK Army).
It is also exclusively features the actual tournament layouts used in league competitions on Millennium Series, NXL, PALS, SARPL, CXBL and UWL.

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    2. ikr like we know it was a massive jump from mobile to pc but the price is way TOO big

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