Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

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The first episode presents the sport of tournament paintball with a brief description of the field, then introduces us to Alex Fraige – the team captain of San Diego Dynasty – we get a glimpse of his artwork that now decorates JT apparel.

After a 7-0 victory over the New England Hurricanes, we’re introduced to Alex’s take on the success of Team Dynasty – teamwork. Following a close victory of Sacramento Excessive over Dynasty (thanks to Rich Telford) we get a brief look into Alex’s San Diego home that he shares with several other professional paintball players.

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By Ali

15 thoughts on “Xtreme Paintball: Beyond the Paint – Season 1, Episode 1 – Alex Fraige”
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  3. Dude I’ve played just about every sport out there competitively and nothing compares to paintball. I dont get it either, lol.

  4. ohh thats where they keep the autocockers… at JT.. they dont sale them tho..

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