Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

The second episode offers a glimpse into the life of Chris LaSoya.

In the first game Montreal Image take on the New England Hurricanes. Watch the video to see how that ends up!!

After the match, we see more on Chris LaSoya, he has been playing paintball since 1986 and been a part of tournament paintball since the late 1980’s , Beside his time as a champion paintballer, LaSoya also works as a party promoter.

In addition to a look at Chris LaSoya’s life we have two more matches: the Oakland Blast versus the Pittsburgh All Americans and the Portland Naughty Dogs versus the Montreal Image.

This episode focused more on the actual games and had the added bonus of refs explaining rules between matches.

Next episode will focus on Ryan Greenspan.

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14 thoughts on “Xtreme Paintball: Beyond the Paint – Season 1, Episode 2 – Chris LaSoya”
  1. @sparky247365 I guess you also want them to force you to pay for youtube aswell? because even though yes, the ads are fucking retarded, those promotions and commercials keep youtube free.

  2. Lasoya is an asshole, I myself hate most people but would never wish harm to them. Aside from that he is still an asshole.

  3. Commentator said “these guys are shooting 20 – 30 bps”. What a fucking idiot.

  4. chris lasoya is a moron. he is bad for the sport and all it entails. he is fucking dumb and needs to keep his mouth shut.

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