Thu. May 26th, 2022

This week everything goes a crap…quite literally ๐Ÿ‘€

@Yellow Guy pulls of a once in a lifetime shot and a few us of us get into some how water with some other players. Regardless we still have a laugh and make the best of a sticky situation.

As always I really appreciate the support with all the videos and I would really appreciate if you can all like and share the video as it will really help with trying to get the series seen more!

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#paintball #airsoft #paintballshenanigans

20 thoughts on “YOU CAN’T DO THAT HERE! ๐Ÿ˜จโ–บ PAINTBALL FUNNY MOMENTS & FAILS โ–บ Paintball Shenanigans (Part 67)”
  1. Hahaha alwayssigh at these, should change colors to see if people now who’s who hahaha, keep up the funny videos and the amazing work

  2. I dont know what it is with Barker and his friends accents but I think thats why I always come back, just the words

  3. Okay can I just point something out he was holding American flag correct and he’s playing the UK British anthem song while holding the American flag what is wrong with you

  4. Yellow Guy Connor: *finally gets his kill w/his slingshot for the first time (probably.)*

  5. I really like how sometimes Tom is just goofing around and everybody looks at him like โ€œwhy are you like thisโ€ especially mike in this video ready to shoot at any moment, great video by the way

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